Fountain pen and ballpoint pen repair in Budapest

In Hungary, the fountain pen repair profession was buried in 2012. The last mohican was reportedly the Tollklinika Workshop in Budapest, on Kossuth Lajos street. After three years of lethargy, the profession was ceremoniously resurrected. The champagne is popping, the sick feathers can breathe a sigh of relief! Thanks to a family legacy, hundreds of fountain pens have passed through my hands in nearly 12 years. With this experience, I can confidently undertake all kinds of fountain pen and ballpoint pen repairs. I guarantee most of the work I do for one year. Not for cracked pens in a very "difficult" condition.

The most common types of fountain pen repairs have included nib grinding, bent nib repair, and pump mechanism overhaul. Undoubtedly, the most experience and care is required to grind the nib. The grinding of a valuable gold nib has to be planned almost in advance, as it is an irreversible process. When repairing nibs, I have managed to resurrect writing instruments from the most hopeless condition - with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, not all fountain pens can be repaired. With Hungarian-made pens, I have encountered glues that neither a spade, hoe nor a big bell could separate. On the other hand, some types of pens require special tools. However, the percentage of cases not taken is very low. In light of this, I encourage owners of defective pens to contact me. I can pick up the pen in person, or you can send it by post.

fountain pen repair

I can undertake the following types of work for 4000-15000 Ft/job (depending on type, quantity and work), with a 2-4 day deadline.

    Pen tip repair (dropped, bent, other damage)
    Refurbishment, restoring (UH washing, polishing, buffing)
    Pump repair (cork turning, rubber shearing, etc.)
    Gold plating, silver plating, rhodium plating
    Pen tip replacement (if compatible)
    Fracture, crack fixing
    Pen point grinding (thick to thin sharpening)
    Replacement of broken or missing parts
    ... and what is not on the list.

I can repair ballpoint pens and fountain pens by prior arrangement. Please email me on the message page or at info at

PLEASE NOTE: I will keep writing instruments for 60 days after the owner's notification of the repair. I will sell the unclaimed pens at a charity (vatera) auction.

Please email me with the pen you are interested in, or use the messenger üzenetküldő.

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