Ringed Eversharp

(repair of a broken pen)

Some objects we are so attached to that we would give anything to have them repaired. Especially if a gift from our parents or grandparents is damaged. That's not the case here. The Eversharp pen in the picture was recently purchased from me by my client, but two weeks later it broke. The seemingly hopeless situation was resolved. I will detail the repair of the fountain pen below.

Fortunately, the pen broke before the thread (probably sat on), but splintered, and the missing pieces caused it to have holes when it was put together. So simply putting it back together was out of the question. I cut off the damaged part on both sides until the last crack, then inserted a short steel tube into the feather tip part. I had to cut the tube out of position to hold it more securely.

Since the material is celluloid, I had to be careful to reduce heat build-up. Heat deforms the material easily anyway. Once I had the space, I had to use a ring to cover the outside and replace the missing part. This outer ring has no supporting function (it only covers). After fixing the steel tube, the hardest part was placing the ring, as it had to fit exactly to the line of the pen body. Next came the fitting of the longer piece. It was important here too that it was in line with the ring. The finished pen was a very unique piece, the ring would not appear to an untrained eye to be a "foreign object":

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