Star is born / Montblanc fountain pen repair

The star at the end of the cap is the jewel of every Montblanc pen. Especially on older models, this star sometimes falls out. In a lucky case, if you notice the falling star in time, you can breathe a sigh of relief, but if it disappears forever, it has to be replaced in some way. This is what happened to this antique 132 Montblanc Mesterstück pen. The birth of a new star is shown below.

Montblanc javítás


The first step was to take a sample. Once the mould had been picked up by the resin, the fine details had to be adjusted under the microscope. The green colour gave the star a very special effect.

I paid special attention to the rounded curve. Meticulous work...

After the material had set a little, I pressed it out of the mould.

I put it in the mould and the plaster set in half an hour.

After I took the pattern out, I poured in the resin.

After it set, I broke the plaster in half and there the star was hiding.

After cleaning, it was put back in place.

A little sanding, final smoothing, alignment to the arc, "antiquing" and it's done. It was easier to describe :)

Montblanc double gold rolled 132 fountain pen

Montblanc fountain pen star replace

Montblanc double gold rolled  132 fountain pen

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