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interview with Tamás Szűcs (tompens owner)

For almost three years after the first invitation, I was wondering whether I should give an interview to the press about what I do. At about the same time, I was approached by two newspapers, a left-wing liberal (ballib in jargon) and a pro-goverment news.  But it is more an opinion that I finally said yes to a newspaper that is not published in Hungary, but in Slovakia, in "neutral" territory. From there it is transported to Hungary every week. They do this because no printing house in Hungary dares to print it. So at least I can say that I am published in foreign press.  Below you can read the full text from the 24 May (2019/21) issue of Magyar Hang:

Szűcs Tamás interjú (Magyar Hang oldalkép)

The life of Tamás Szűcs deserves a film: as a teenager in Oradea, he tried three times to escape across the communist Romanian-Hungarian border on 1987, and after being caught, he was beaten with a rifle shot by romanian soldiers. Later it emerged that he had been under surveillance by the Securitate since the age of 16, allegedly telling someone he was going to shoot Ceausescu, and that the secret service was suspicious that one of his absurd poems was about how he would like to have an ice cream with Ceausescu. Moving to Hungary, he wanted to become a child psychologist, so he did an internship in a foster home for three years, but his experiences there were so harsh that he gave up his dream. He photographed celebrities and then studied aesthetics and communication at university of Pécs (Hungary). At that time everyone went west, but he went east, teaching the most eastern Csángó-Hungarian children in Magyarfalu (Arini - Romania). He worked in an advertising agency, was a journalist, then fell in love with pens after inheriting a few from a legacy.

He's been mending for over ten years and word of mouth has spread. Of course, there are also many leads: if someone drops a valuable pen on the floor and gets desperate, they type in pen repair in the search engine and that's how they find it. But don't think he's going to make a fortune from it because, as he says, "there's no hysterical interest in fountain pens".

How did he start repairing pens? Is all writing instruments repairable and worth repairing? Who uses pens? How expensive are the writing instruments that are brought to him? How long does a pen last? And what causes it to deteriorate? Find the answers in the 24 May 2019/21 issue of the Magyar Hang (Hungarian Voice)!
Online version.

Video of my illegal border crossing. (first 13 min.).

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